Friday, June 29, 2012

Hey, I Remember Yooouuu!

Christy is in town, therefore a wonderful play group reunion of sorts was held in Deer Creek today. Even though they moved away a year ago, the kids picked up right where they left off! 
The girls were loving Kyndall's kitchen and workshop. Except for that time Liv chased Piper with the toy drill. It's ok they made up.....
(Remember when they were like this?
Miss Violet doesn't remember us since she was only a newborn when they left but she still had fun playing!

Kyndall was happy to share his toys if I was willing to share my camera and snacks with him. It's easy to say yes to those blue eyes! 
 He said we had to watch his bro and sis though and we were happy to do that too! 
Thanks for hosting a wonderful reunion today Jennie!

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Anonymous said...

That kitchen is a little girl's dream. What fun! Love, Mom aka Gma

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