Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just words: A list WITHIN a list!

  • There are no pics to accompany this post
  • Lots of stuff happening with the kitchen...loud, messy things that need to get finished but can't happen when a toddler has an early bedtime
  • Therefore we are taking full advantage of the following things to keep us out of Ryan's hair so he can finish the messy work and I can have my kitchen back
  1. Staying the night at Jenna's while she's on vacation
  2. Visiting kids at Camp Impact--Liv is ready for the preteen years!
  3. Swimming 
  4. Playdates with friends
  5. Mother's Day Out
There's probably more but I'm too tired to think, I'll come back when I have pics to share. They include a stud in our kitchen wall that's 80+ years old with bark on it. EXCITING STUFF!!


kmom said...

Maybe it would help for you to come stay with us for another week, but I don't think Dad is well enough to travel that far.

kmom said...

If your friend comes back too soon, maybe the nice church lady will want to keep Olivia some evening.

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