Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Newsletter: 33 Months

Dear Liv,
Summer is off to an awesome start and we have pretty much been in our swimsuits every chance we get...as you can tell by half these pics! It's a three minute drive to Jenna's pool, we stay for about 3 hours, you barely stop swimming to eat lunch, you never stop smiling (until I say it's time to go), then you come home and pass out for an awesome nap, so I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna change that formula for the rest of the summer! Yes one day I actually let you leave the house to go to the pool looking like this...
Another one of your favorite new activities to do is hunt for bugs in the backyard. You can collect quite a few roly polies yourself, but you like me to catch the worms and beetles for you. We could spend hours easily lifting up bricks and rocks and logs looking for all sorts of creepy crawlies. You even got Uncle Randy to help you one morning while we were in Henderson. Then in the evening we taught you how to catch lightning bugs. Now you want to do it every evening! It is quite fun and I'm sad we don't have them in our yard in Oklahoma, but it will be a fun thing for you to remember about your grandparents house!
Lately when we drive around the city you will point out something like the church building or a Taco Bell or a grocery store then say "We live right here." It's a random statement but you say it a lot. Sometimes it's posed as more of a question, "We live right here?" and I'm not sure if you're becoming familiar with your neighborhood or what but it makes your daddy and I smile.
I have been blown away with how much you already care about others feelings and can pick up on things. I had hurt my leg earlier this month and every morning when I came in to wake you up, you'd crawl out of bed, half awake, with hair still in your face and say "How your yeg today mommy? You feel any better?" We are in Tennessee right now and your Papa had a surgery that has left him wanting to rest more than play with you. You will pat his arm and say "You feel better yet Papa?" I'm glad you are gaining awareness of other people's feelings outside of your own, and I see a sweet, caring, and empathizing character trait emerging.
You have really been enjoying puzzles this month. I bought a few for you at JBF and you are a pro at them now. You were already pretty good at Tozzle on the ipad but you're taking it to a new level. Now that we are at Grammy's house you have even more to challenge you!
We are in TN this week and you took no time at all warming up to the family and remembering everyone's names. You have a special fondness for Pop I think, and I love that you have no idea that his age and health don't make him the ideal playmate for a toddler. You want him to catch lightning bugs and go outside and play toys with you and you are so sincere when you ask him to join you. You asked him to read to you one night (even though he is blind), he hesitated and I told him that he can hold the book and make up a story because you would have no idea. He started off, "Once upon a time there was a town called Normandy...." Haha! Only your Poppy could turn a baby picture book into a war story. We made due with our visits though and you brought lightning bugs to him and crawled your plastic worm all over his arms and shared your snacks with him. These are precious memories that I know you may not remember, but I want to put here so someday you can go back and read about them.
For the past few months I've really been struggling with you and whining. You tend to whine if you don't get your way, if you want something another kid has, and in general when you asked for ANYTHING it comes out in a whine. I know it's just a characteristic of many toddlers but I didn't want this characteristic to turn into habit. My wise friend told me to rephrase what you were saying and then ask you to repeat it back, and even though it's still a work in progress, I have heard you say many times this week "Please may I have more?" Or "Please may I play with that." It makes being a mom so much easier when you have manners!
You are getting great at dressing yourself and can even put most of your shoes on. You consistently put them on the wrong feet though. I'd think you'd at least get it right 50 percent of the time but no. You are so proud when you do and it makes you smile and it makes me smile too.
We have been traveling fools this past month. Your daddy and I had 2 overnight trips away from you in which you did great at other peoples' houses. Then you got to join us for a trip to TX and now to TN! You are such a great traveler and I hope I don't take it for granted! We only have to bring out the ipad the last little bit of the journey. I counted it up and I think you have visited 6 states besides Oklahoma in your 33 months of life! (Not counting airports in states that you danced around in yelling Ballaweeeenas!)We have the rest of the summer ahead of us and I look forward to more bug hunts, swim time, park trips, outdoor picnics, family times, friend times, and trips with my favorite little girl in the world!

I love you,


Shawn and Becky said...

So sweet! She's getting so big. Can't wait to see her again next time you're in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Happy 33 months sweet Olivia. I wish with all my heart I could spend more time with you and watch you grow. But I am thankful that your Mommy is a faithful blogger so I can read about you. I love you very much. Grandma

Jennifer said...

She's getting to be such a big girl. I love the shoes on the wrong feet. So cute!

lizcannon27 said...


kmom said...

I'm having fun with Olivia at my house this week. Tn Grammy

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