Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reasons I Can't Blog

  • I'm swimming
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • My house is a mess because of Kitchen Renovation
  • NBA finals
  • Vampire Diaries
  • I wish I were watching Vampire Diaries instead of the NBA Finals right now
  • I'm thinking about how much longer the kitchen renovation is going to take
  • I'm thinking about all the people we need to contact now that we got an insurance adjustor to come look at the hail damage on our house ($3700 worth)
  • Vampire Diaries....don't laugh until you've made it through at least season 1
  • I'm flossing my teeth because my dental check up is tomorrow 
  • I'm worrying about the baby tooth that is probably going to have to come out soon because I think there's a cavity in it which means I'll need an implant which means a lot of money I don't want to spend on my mouth
  • Will my husband love me if I just have them pull it and leave a gap there?
  • I'm talking to Allison and reading her what I'm typing even as I type this...and this..and this...
  • I'm going to zumba
  • Olivia didn't nap today
  • Sally and Kelsey stopped by for a most welcomed visit that made me miss my college buddies.
  • I'm telling my dog to stop licking and scratching herself for the billionth time today
  • I'm listening to a toddler, I'm preparing food for a toddler, I'm cuddling a toddler, I'm frustrated with a toddler, I'm reading to a toddler
  • I'm still watching this game and shaking my head and wondering why I'm not watching Vampire Diaries
  • I'm looking forward to my gift card massage at the spa on Friday
  • I'm responding to important and un important emails
  • I'm looking at youtube videos (like this one...so sweet)
  • I'm considering living at Jenna's house while they're gone on vacation so I can have a kitchen to use that doesn't have a microwave and toaster plugged in on the floor 
  • I'm wishing the book I'm reading was more exciting than Vampire Diaries but it's not so I'm not reading much
  • I'm watching Vampire Diaries WHILE cooking dinner
  • I'm wondering how to clean up all the raw chicken germs from my new counters (apparently the natural properties of wood are supposed to kill them but I don't trust nature when it comes to raw meat)
  • I'm figuring out if I can watch an episode of Vampire Diaries after this basketball game is over without it being too late by the time I go to sleep.
  • I'm blogging about reasons I can't blog....wait a minute....that's irony right?


JanaGriffis said...

OOOoooh! What damages did you have from the hail? We want to have our roof looked at since it took a pretty good beating!

kmom said...

Maybe you can use ScotchBrite botanical disinfecting wipes on your counters. They come in different scents. I don't like lemongrass. The counters don't have to be rinsed afterwards before putting food on them like with Clorox or Lysol wipes. They can be used around kids, pets, and food. Otherwise, use hot soapy water and then rinse off. Maybe with wood counters you also need to dry them off a bit, but if they are sealed, maybe not. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Carrie has a butcher block island. Maybe she has ideas for you. She's at the beach today but they'll be home Sunday night. Sounds like you need a nap. Maybe you'll dream about Vampire Diaries. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Whitney Jackson said...

I just watched Vampire Diaries and flipping LOVED it. What season are you on?

Whitney Jackson said...

Oh and don't waste your time on the books - it was HORRIBLE - a zero on your scale.

Ryan and Katie said...

Im about to finish season one :)

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing you and love that you are watching TVD. I love that show!


Anonymous said...

POURING rain here in Portland (big surprise, right?)... wonder what I should do... maybe I will take a cue from you and watch The Vampire Diaries!

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