Thursday, June 07, 2012

Reasons To Love OKC: THUNDER UP!

We have a pretty awesome NBA team here that's headed to the championship games!
I won't lie, I'm not exactly a sports fan. The truth is I've only watched part of 3 games this year so I'm not exactly a die hard fan (but I have met Rumble twice. Here and here), but it's still exciting to have an NBA team here. The whole city supports them and just about everyone I know has been to a game and owns some kind of Thunder apparel. I guess we need to jump on the bandwagon soon and get some. This building even went all out and decorated itself with a beard in honor of Harden. 
What other city does that for their players?
Thunder Up!


Becky W said...

My boys are BEYOND thrilled that the Thunder are in! Carter walked around all day yesterday with a smile on his face! He loves some Durant - as does Damon! We will be cheering from TN!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I have been waiting for a Thunder post!!! I's so excited!!! Erin

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