Monday, June 04, 2012

Reasons to Love OKC: You know what time it is?

Well you should because these people are in town! 
And they come every year for the WCWS which is held in Oklahoma City every year about this time. I really can't blog much about it because I have never been to a game even though they have stayed with us many times! (for instance here when a certain toddler was still in my belly) Even though I'm not much of a sports fan, I'm glad the tournament is here so my family can come visit us!

This year we thought we'd mix it up and hitch a ride back with them to TN when the tournament is over so look out Hendo, Liv and I will be there soon!


kmom said...

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Anonymous said...

Mom said to call the house, and you can swim any time. Also, the team that happens to be really good that also plays in your town is up 3 games to 2. Wednesday is going to be a HUGE day in OKC...and you won't even be there :( I love you

Anonymous said...

If you have the time, it would be nice to see you guys again. Send me a shout and we can set something up. -April B

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