Saturday, June 02, 2012

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are almost done and some weeks were better than others, but overall I'm glad we did it. This short video is proof of how far we've come!
Pretty good for 2 and a half! We won't be taking off the floaties anytime soon but she doesn't cling to me for dear life and that alone is a huge plus! 

Here's a look back at her lessons. Liv has gotten great at kicking in the water, but she still doesn't do too hot moving her arms.  That's alright because we have all summer to work on it!
All classes went better than that first class...thank goodness!  
The two teachers she had did amazing with the kids and were very patient...even when she was screaming and crying in their faces. 
One class none of the other kids even showed up so Liv got a private lesson for 30 minutes. 
She's good at hanging on to the side and kicking for sure!
This picture makes me laugh because Ryan had just spent a long time finding a parking spot and Liv was rattling off about "Daddy being fwustwated" while Ry has a scowl on his face. 
She's practicing her pool jump at home! 
Here are the moms cheering on the sidelines (and/or bribing with smarties)!
And hanging out with baby Toddy!

This looooong video will make the g-parents smile. :)


kmom said...

I'm so proud of my little fish!

Jennifer said...

She is such a good swimmer!

Anonymous said...

This Grandma did have a smile on her face the whole way through. Such a big girl. Love Gma aka Mom

devon lorraine ... said...

what a swimmer!!!!

piper starts swim lessons later this month ... and i'm pretty sure that it's not going to go so smoothly!

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