Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two big kitchen snafus

Here's the updates on the kitchen....
Ryan had to call in the big guns to help him lift that HEAVY sink into place.
Lift with your legs boys!  (I know they enjoyed me chanting that while snapping pics.)
That shaggy head would be Beezo for anyone in Oregon wondering if he's alive...he is but he needs a haircut!
The hole needed to be cut bigger and the previous steps repeated. 
But oh look how pretty!
Not so fast though

Snafu #1 
My counters have been in place for about 2 weeks but they still aren't really useable. The oil we used on them either sat too long or was on too thick and it wouldn't dry. We kept waiting and waiting for days thinking it would eventually dry but no. So we went to google and found other people with this problem. The only way to fix it is to remove it...not with sandpaper because it's too gooey, but with a hairdryer and a scraper. I helped a very teeny bit but mainly I took care of the kid while Ryan worked for HOURS and HOURS removing this sticky mess. Afterwards he stated he needed a break from counters and did not want to deal with the counters until after tile. Fine by me. I currently can use the counters but I'm supposed to try really hard not to get them wet at all.

So off he went to scrape and sand the thick texture on the backsplash so we can tile over it. This left plaster dust over EVERYTHING. I sure hope it isn't toxic bc we'll def be dead soon if it is. Ryan cleans up after himself though so I didn't have to cook in a mess thankfully. But then....
Snafu #2
The plaster was really sponge-y in some parts (thankfully just on one side) so Ryan was afraid if we hung tile on it, the whole wall would crack and start come down. Therefore he decided to remove all the plaster and lathe and hang drywall before we tile. (I think you know when I say "we" it just means Ryan). This part really scared me. 
And it was noisy and messy and he worked late late at night on it so that's why we stayed over at Jenna's empty house two nights.
It was really cool to see the inside of the wall (see the bark on that stud!), but this looks more stable!
(Sadly we found no cool treasures hidden in the walls of our old house...another dream has died) 

He is putting a shelf there where the lathe still is and will cover it eventually. Here's a very rough estimate since I just asked my husband what he's spent in the last few weeks ;)

Stain cost = $8
Oil cost = $6
dry wall = $4
Tiling tools & Grout = $40
Add to previous costs (see "house" posts)
Total = $1304

Ryan has done an amazing job, I really can't say that enough. So bring on the tile work this weekend...with hopefully no more snafus!


The Moores said...

It's looking so so good! Awesome job! And seriously, Jon, what's with the hair?

kmom said...

Great job, Ryan! Those snafus sounded like horrible problems and messes! It is a wonder Ryan is still of sound mind and body. Looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen in September.

Michelle said...

It looks so amazing!! I love it! Good job Ryan!

Anonymous said...

We totally understand the aggravation and frustration that comes with remodeling. You are doing such a great job Ry. Hang in there and just keep chanting to yourself "resale value, resale value, resale value". Say "hey" to Jon for us. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. Love, Mom aka Gma

Monique said...

Your kitchen looks great!

Shawn and Becky said...

Wow it looks amazing. You are doing a great job, snafus and all.

devon lorraine ... said...

your kitchen is looking awesome, and i love how you give the real version, snafus and all. you might inspire me to do something with our kitchen since it looks like we're staying in our place another year...

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