Saturday, June 23, 2012

Used to daydream in that small town, Another born romantic that's me

My dad sent the camera card with the rest of the pics...along with Liv's favorite fishing lure. It made a nice slimy mark on the envelope it was in. 

We managed to find a few places to swim while we were there and took full advantage!

We tried to teach Madelynn to swim but she was more interested in eating her life jacket.

Liv was peeking in on the neighbors pool fun too!

Even though Poppa wasn't feeling well the whole time we were there Liv still got quality time with him snuggling in a recliner watching cartoons.

One morning I heard a great ruckus from downstairs and found Liv and Grammy shouting "Hands Down" as they "played" the game together.

While we were home we celebrated Amy's birthday early. Mom somehow matched the icing perfectly to her shirt color.

Amy is 33 years and Liv is 33 months!

There was lots of fun with the cousins.

One night we girls went out to eat and to see a movie.

We spent lots of time teaching Liv the fine art of catching lightning bugs.

And rolling down hills.

We also got to have a playdate with Aidan!

They made us some mean beans and cornbread in the kitchen.

Celeste and I managed to ditch our kids for a wild night out on the town in Jackson AKA dinner and ice cream ;)

That concludes the beautiful pics of our Tn visit, but just wait....I've got some doozies for outtakes that might make my mom cringe a little when I post them :)


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog so much. It is part of my daily routine. Keep up the great work!
Aunt Debby

kmom said...

I would rather not have outtakes of me displayed!

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