Monday, July 16, 2012

Extreme Animals Princess Party!

The plethora of girls in princess costumes and the awesome Snow White cake were the only things princessy about Adelynne's 4th bday princess party. 
There were also "extreme animals" there and I think the grown ups had as much fun as the kids! The kids could ride this tortoise! 
Liv was not a fan of it...or the snake.
 But I was brave and held it...until it's tail started to creep up my pants leg!
She sat there stonewalled until some smaller creatures like lizards, kinkachoos (?), foxes, and kangaroos came out. Then she was brave and petted and even held some!
I just love this picture of all the princesses bottle feeding a baby kangaroo! 
Yes it jumped all over the church gym and Liv will quickly tell you that it pooped all over the gym too (one guess as to whose kid stepped barefoot in extreme animal poop!)
It defintely took the Princess Party theme to a whole new level and we enjoyed every minute of it!


Gena said...

So, so sweet. That was one of my daughter's favorite birthday parties!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome party!


kmom said...

Wow! I am just amazed!

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