Thursday, July 19, 2012

For the Longest Time

This is the longest these two have ever been apart from each other since they were born. Lo has been coming up every week but she usually just brings baby G so Liv was beyond thrilled when she got to see her good ole buddy Desmond.
She was quick to make him a home cooked meal. 
Then we got to have a real feast on grilled cheese.
 And then a dance party with Ryan (AKA Brian)
 I think Des was happy to see her too but isn't as fond of pictures! Ha!
We missed Ben but this was the frist time Liv ever recognized Des as just Des instead of calling him BenDes. A trip to Seminole is in order soon!


kmom said...

Was this the first time Olivia was with just Des and not Ben? Des not being fond of pictures might explain his expression in that first picture.

lauren and brad said...

I love it! They still look like siblings to me! :) Throw Noah in and it's a set of triplets.

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