Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Newsletter: 34 Months

This month your comedic timing seems to be growing along with your verbal skills. I feel I could fill this entire newsletter with hilarious things you say, and I think I will for the most part!
One phrase we've been working on is "assess the situation." You go from 0 to 90 real quick when you are frustrated with putting shoes on, or putting a toy together and before I know it you are happily playing, then screaming and throwing a shoe across the room. So when I see you getting frustrated I remind you to breathe, assess the situation, and ask for help before getting all worked up. Now you'll look at me and say "Mom, I assess sishuation!"
You ask to sing "Tocky Rop" a lot instead of Rocky Top.
You still say "Belt Seat" instead of Seat Belt.
At breakfast you ask for a "Fat-o-man" instead of vitamin.
You were playing with rocks in the backyard and told me "Rocks are faaaascinating!"
In the car one day you frantically said "Mom, what is dis all over my yegs?!" I said I'd look at the red light and when I turned around it was just your leg hair you had noticed for the first time. You said "It's yucky, we need get dis hair off, I need shave!"
When daddy put you to bed one night you asked him where your boogers were. He said he didn't know and you proceeded to stick your finger in your nose and say "right heeeeeeere!"
You've been having LOTS of questions about being in my belly and when you were a baby lately, so we've been looking at past pictures on the blog and you LOVE to see yourself as a baby and seeing my big belly knowing you were inside of it. However, for some reason when you want to look at the pregnancy pics on the blog you say "mom can I see dose pictures of your boobs?" I have corrected you dozens of times but you still refer to belly pics as "pictures of my boobs." Then when we were at the park with Roxanne, who is due in October, you politely asked her if you could touch her belly, then went over and put your hands on her chest. We all were laughing but you had no idea what you had done. We'll keep working on body part names I guess!
Those swimming lessons paid off already as you fell in the pool head first without floaties on one day at Jenna's this month. I was very close by and had jumped in the pool within a matter of milliseconds. But I'm happy to say before I reached you, you had righted yourself and seemed to be treading water. I'm glad you are ok, but I'm also a bit glad you fell in so that lesson of not running and always wearing floaties might sink in a bit more! You kept playing in the water afterward though and I'm glad it didn't scare you off from the pool!
You've been asking "why?" a lot more lately, but thankfully it only lasts for about 3 or 4 rounds until you are satisfied with my answers. You ask me every day how old I am, how old daddy is, how old Poppa is, etc. You say "I be free on my birfday in Sept and tember!" And you are learning to hold 3 fingers up to go along with it! This month you've started humming constantly when you are busy playing or doing something. It's a monotone moaning hum that sounds a bit worrisome at times, but I'm pretty sure it's just a self soothing or stimulating thing you do. 
Your imaginary sister Sappy disappeared a few months ago but she has been replaced with brothers. They live outside in your patio and you play with them and talk to them, but they do not have names, they are just "my brothers." You asked me one day if Noah could be your brother.
You have been having more tantrums and discipline issues which I know is typical of an almost 3 year old but it has left me exhausted and perplexed some days. One day your daddy got home from work and I asked you to go to your room so daddy and I could talk for a little bit. We thought you had gone to your room, but you were sneakily eavesdropping in the dining room. I explained to your daddy all the frustrations I had with you that day and ended by saying "What should I do?" Then we hear your little voice from the other room say "I just don't know mommy."  You may frustrate us some days, but you also always know how to make us smile. Besides when I step back and "assess the situation" my love for you will always outweigh my frustrations!
I love you,


Anonymous said...

Getting so so close to 3! That is one precious girl. I can't wait to see you in a couple of days. Much love, Gma aka Mom

Cristeen said...

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kmom said...

Olivia has changed so much in one year! Maybe her imaginary brothers are because she is missing her friends, the brothers Des and Ben. I love you, Olivia, and miss you. Love, Grammy

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