Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Crafts 2012

The opening ceremony is Friday night, and you know we will be celebrating in style! Here is the awesome olympic pool cake we made for tomorrow's festivities. 
Is it Phelps in the lead? I can't tell!
Go for the gold!
I can't take credit, I just copied it from here. Here are the steps.
Take your fav flavor of cake, some whipped icing (it's easier to spread) and dye it whatever shade of pool water you want. I chose a light blue as I prefer less algae.
 Then locate the following in your cabinet or local grocery store. Pretzels, candy necklaces, watermelon rings (they look for like life preservers than peachie-o's), Hershey bars, and m&m's because they will become the aquatic details.
Enlist the help of 2 year old to help restring candy necklaces. Actually they were only allowed to help Jenna because I'm too much of a perfectionist and I didn't sleep well last night (bad combo).
When they were no longer helpful we let them eat some but only after they completed a mission set by Jenna. For example: Go to Liv's room and bring back something that starts with the letter "B"! Educational and out of our hair! Jenna is a genius! Here they are with their "treasures."
Painstakingly place the candy necklaces on the iced water and make sure the lanes are equally spaced. 
 Add platforms, life preservers, and swimmers. Is it the front stroke or the back stroke? I can't tell.
 Add the banner (download from the website linked above) and your done!
I also made Liv and I matching Olympic ring rosette headbands. 
We're ready! Let's do this! 


Anonymous said...

Yummy and cute. Wish I could come to your party. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Anonymous said...

Love it! The headbands are so cute. Have fun watching.


Allison Harms said...

LOVE THIS!!! I want to make this cake!!

kmom said...

Great ideas: cake pool and Olympic headbands! Wow!
Confess -- did someone help them find B items?

Ryan and Katie said...

Olivia couldnt do it but Noah could. No matter what letter i ask liv she always says the sound is " buh buh buh" :)

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