Friday, July 27, 2012

Opening Ceremony

Two years ago we celebrated the winter olympics with friends and Olivia dressed as an ice skater. This year we decided to celebrate again and we just went patriotic with our wardrobe. 
We carried the torch to Edmond and set up all sorts of internationally themed foods to share.
 There was Edamame from Japan, pierogis from Poland, pasta salad and pizza from Italy, fish 'n chips from the UK, chips n salsa from Mexico, hummus from Greece, and pot stickers from China.
There were also two delicious cakes: the pool cake and a fruit pizza with olympic ring fruit!
 The opening ceremony didn't disappoint! Even the kids watched for a bit. 
Then they made their own sporting events
And Todd watched from the sidelines
 They caught a glimpse of the torch and quickly grabbed theirs to watch it pass! 
 While the athletes marched in alphabetically, we found their countries on the child atlas. (Well until the B's were over. There are a lot of countries in the world if you didn't know)
 It was a fun night and now I'm excited to start watching the various events! What is your favorite summer olympic sport? I like the gymnastics.


Laura said...

What atlas is that? I must have one!

Ryan and Katie said...

Its from ikea a few years ago

kmom said...

You all are so creative! I like the rings cake with fruit, but I especially like the swimmers in the pool cake.

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