Friday, July 06, 2012

Patriotic Pizza

I'm willing to bet no one needs a step by step instruction guide for this (except maybe my sister), but humor me...because I haven't done a food post in awhile, and I'm too lazy to upload photos of other things right now. All you need is fruit in the color of your flag, sugar cookie mix for the crust (make it how the box says to), and cream cheese icing.
Enlist some toddlers to help you, then ice the cookie and try not to let them lick the knives too much. (That's my swimsuit, not underwear)
If you're a little bit of a perfectionist, you can outline certain parts and then let them fill it in with fruit. Or just go back when they are done and make it look prettier.
When it's done, take a photo for your blog and dream about someone pinning it, knowing it will never happen because your strawberries are cut too janky.
Then teach your toddlers to put their hands over their hearts and say the Pledge of Allegiance.
Sing Happy Birthday.
Then cut and serve.


Anonymous said...

Yes Yes Yummy! I love fruit pizza. I wish our flag had green and yellow in it so you could add kiwi and bananas. What exactly is "janky"? Love, Mom aka Gma

Ryan and Katie said...

janky = inferior quality

kmom said...

Looks yummy to me too! Tip: frozen fruits might be too juicy when they thaw and thus ruin the look.

Monique said...

Looks delicious! What a fun idea

AM said...

What you mean you don't make food at your friend's house in your underware?! ;) Pizza looks so yummy!

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