Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Reasons to Love OKC

The Boathouse District
 I've blogged about going to the regatta races before but the whole district is going through lots of fun changes and there are all sorts of things I hope we can try out and enjoy down there in the future. Last weekend while Ryan was tiling, Liv and I headed there for the Stars and Stripes Festival to kick off the Independence holiday festivities. 
There was SOO much free and fun stuff for kids to do...I didn't take pics of it all because Liv was too scared to participate and I feel creepy taking pics of strangers' kids BUT there was face painting, bounce houses, water slides, gymnastics equipment, water guns, food trucks (they weren't free), live music, simulated rowing, and a small kayak just for kids! 
They rocked the boat around in this pool. I thought it was cute! 
Liv also enjoyed the playground. 
Here is proof that I was there. This is the best self portrait I could get. 
We also cheered our friend Sommer on in the races! (See them in the water)
 It was VERY hot that day so we only lasted til lunch time, but we hope to come back for more fun another day. And about 2 second after I took this pic Liv stood up and fell down the rocks and got her arm in the river and a nasty bruise on her leg. 
There was lots of gasping from people around us but they obviously don't know my accident prone little girl who shook it off and asked more more snacks please. They had fireworks that night but we didn't go back to it. Anyway check out their website for all the fun 


kmom said...

Looks like Olivia did enjoy her time there, even if she just did mostly watching. There were so many things to see and a playground. I like her top.

Anonymous said...

Again, another great blog for the OKC chamber of commerce. I was just bragging on you yesterday to a friend of mine who was born in OKC about how great you make the city sound. Happy 4th. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

reborn1995 said...

Kara's team won 2nd place in the Novice Women division--her first race ever!

But you were smart to leave. Her race was at 1:45. It was miserably hot.


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