Sunday, July 08, 2012

Reasons to Love OKC

 The Dollar Movies!
I've been wanting to take Liv to her first movie for awhile now (ok technically she did see Babies in the theater, but I think she nursed or slept through most of it so I don't count it) but I didn't want to splurge on pricey tickets for a film she may or may not sit through. Thus when The Lorax came to the dollar theater, we were all about it!
 The one at Northpark Mall is 2 dollars every day except Tuesdays, then it's only $1! Ryan and I went here on our first date in college to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding. (I think way back then movies were 50 cents on Tuesdays!)
Yes the floor is ridiculously sticky, the screens are smaller, the chairs are in questionable condition BUT you still see a movie and this little girl didn't mind one bit! 
She sat through the movie very well, occasionally sitting in our laps. The booster seat helped her stay in the chair as she didn't weigh enough to keep the seat from closing her up in it. And yes she ate just about all of that popcorn by herself! 
The movie was cute and special to us since we've been reading The Lorax to her even when she was in my belly. And there weren't really any overly scary characters like in so many kids movies. She clapped and cheered and danced along and I look forward to more movie dates with her!


kmom said...

Glad Ryan got to go too. Happy family memory.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Another "first" for her memory banks. Love, Mom aka Gma

Chellie said...

We took B to see the Lorax when it first came out around Christmas time. We were the only ones in the theatre (at a matinee). He seemed to really like it. We went thanks to a giftcard -- because who wants to pay $9!

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