Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reasons To Love OKC

White Water Bay
We all experienced a first this weekend as none of us had been to White Water Bay in OKC. Thanks to a military discount from Sean, we spent Saturday there with them and had so much fun in the sun that Olivia was asleep by 7pm! I feel my photos don't do our adventures justice, but it's hard to carry a camera around what with all the water involved. 
We spent lots of time in the kiddie pool area but we also enjoyed the lazy river, the wave pool (Well only after I quit hanging onto the wall as Jenna said would be funnest...this is a lie, I thought I was going to drown, so much water was splashing me in the face, but once I let go it was more fun), and the Big Kahuna slide which they even let Liv go down with us in the intertube. She held on and whimpered most of the way but after we got down she said it was fun.
We moms and dads took turns watching the kids and going down the other tall slides. 
I thought I was getting too old for water slides when I started feeling an anxiety attack approaching as I climbed those hundreds of stairs with my intertube in the Oklahoma wind overlooking I40 down below...but alas, as soon as I sat in that float it was a good ole time!
 None of us went down the Mega Wedgie slides...I don't think I have to explain why. 
Overall it was a lot of fun and I think when she is a bit older it might be fun to have a season pass. For now though I think one trip this summer will do for us! 

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kmom said...

Glad Ryan got away from that kitchen work for some fun and relaxation. Glad you were able to go with friends to help with the kid vs grownup fun.

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