Saturday, July 14, 2012

Reasons to Love OKC

The Plaza District
The whole Plaza District has been undergoing a serious transformation over the past few years but this was the first time we got to enjoy Live at the Plaza, which is the second Friday of the month. There are food trucks, music, chalk art, and all the stores and galleries are open late to peruse through. 
Ryan was having a game night with the fellas so Allison came along with us and while eating Big Truck Tacos we met up with the Vasquez family. 
The pet store was happy to give these kids a free cupcake and they were happy to eat them.
 Charlie also got a free bag of dog treats! It's fun to see all the people in your community out and about. Some are definitely more colorful than others and I just kept looking around thinking "these are the families my daughter will be going to school with." 
It was a flavorful bunch of people and I enjoyed it!

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kmom said...

Glad you have a variety of things to do in OKC.

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