Monday, July 09, 2012

Shed Monster

I am not being paid by the people at Shed Monster, but I feel I must share their product with you because it definitely helped our little fur monster shed quite a bit of hair. I was at Wal-Mart the other night browsing the pet section looking for anything that would help Charlie stop scratching and spreading her hair all over our house when my eyes fell upon the Shed Monster. It says "As Seen on TV" so I knew it must be AMAZING! And for eight bucks even if it wasn't amazing I figured it'd at least be better than nothing. I'm happy to report that after Ryan and I both brushed her, this is what we removed. 
I'm happy to see all that fur on the porch instead of in my carpet or bed or couch or kitchen! 
It may not look like as much fur as the website pics, but she's not a long haired dog either. I'm sure we could get even more if we spent hours on it but this was enough for me! Now maybe I'll let her on the bed again :)

1 comment:

kmom said...

From the pile of hair, it looks like Charlie had a hair cut. She looks very happy and proud of her well groomed look.

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