Thursday, August 09, 2012

Book Review

American Heiress. This was the book club pick for the month and I was pumped to read it since all the reviews compared it to Downton Abbey. Sadly it just didn't do it for me. The most interesting character to me was her handmaid and she was barely in the book. I saw for the most part where it was going from the beginning, but there was a little twist at the end. I kept waiting for some sort of exciting climax in the plot but that never really occurred. I give it a 5 overall. I don't recommend this book, just watch Downton Abbey instead, it's way better. (The rest of book club liked it more than me, so maybe I'm just a harsh critic)

We Need to Talk about Kevin. No we need to talk about this book. Horrifying, depressing, analystic,twisted, intuitive, brutally honest, and it'll make any mother cringe. And I loved it, disturbing as it was. The author wrote so poignantly from the viewpoint of a mother whose teenage son killed his fellow classmates. The mother is writing letters to her husband after the fact while she looks back on her role as a mother as she analyzes if the whole thing was her fault or her son's. It's hard to put down and did make me think even more considering recent horrific "movie massacre" events. I did not see the ending coming at all and just sat there in total silence after I read it. I recommend this book only if you think you can handle it (it's no more violent than the news), just read reviews first. It's not gonna make you happy, but it will lead to some great conversations. I give it a 10. (P.S. I should have kept a list of all the big words in this book. The author has a very large vocabulary).

What Alice Forgot was recommend to me by a lady at church who also recommended another book to me awhile ago with a similar plot...I'm wondering if there is a surplus of literature about young women having amnesia? Either way I did like the last one and this one as well. Basically Alice passes out at the gym, wakes up, and think it's ten years ago. She doesn't remember who any of her kids are, why her hubby is such a staunchy business man now, and is scared by all the school functions she seems to be in charge of. She used to be so much more laid back and carefree and doesn't recognize the life she now supposedly has. It made me think about how much Ryan and I have changed in the 7 years since we got married and had a kid and a dog and a house and health issues etc. Life takes a toll on any relationship and I think like Alice, if we could all go back (not with amnesia though) and remember how we "used to be in the beginning," we could bring a fresh perspective to the present way we are today. I give it an 8 and recommend it if you like chick lit.

This is Where I Leave You was given to me by Kelsey as she was packing up her apartment and leaving OKC good. I made her sign the book for me and she wrote "This is where I leave you...and move to Colorado. Come visit anytime!" How appropriate. This book is about a highly dysfunctional family sitting shiva after their father's death. I found it hilarious and sad, yet very real and shockingly believable. It takes a certain kind of humor to enjoy this book so I only recommend it to people who like sardonic literature or dark comedies. I also warn you there are lots of lewd acts in it so be forewarned. Now, all that aside, I give it a 10 and I think Ian Somerhalder should play Phillip in the movie. (According to imdb Zac Efron is in the film and I fear for it's reputations already but some of the other cast members look spot on: Goldie Hawn as the mom for instance)

Becoming a Woman of Purpose is a book I've been reading on and off for a few months using it as a Bible study aid. I think I would've liked it more if I'd just read a chapter a week, but since I drug it out, I lost interest in it. It's a whole series and I think I might like to try another one someday, but I have a few other Bible study books that are in the line up. As far as study aides go it wasn't my fav but I still give it a 7. The author just took a lot of quotes from other people and didn't actually write much herself. If she had, I think I would've liked it more. There were questions to answer but they were more rote and less introspective.

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kmom said...

I just finished reading THE SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE by Alan Bradley. I liked it, but I liked his second one better (RED HERRING WITHOUT MUSTARD.) Even if that little girl is a genius, I don't see how she could know so much about a variety of things. I think the second one toned that down a bit.

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