Monday, August 27, 2012

Kitchen Update

So really these are the last updates you'll see until the bench area by the back door is started on because it's 93% done but I don't want to reveal all the before and after until it's 100% completed. But Ryan finished painting the walls this weekend. The walls are Coastal Fog (which is a touch darker than the dirty off white that they were). I have a beautiful new light over the table that brightens the whole kitchen up more. 
And he built a shelf where that awkward space was of cabinet heighth difference. Now I have a spot for my cookbooks and a picture of a grouchy little baby bunny. 
 I'll have to do a cost update when it's all done because Ryan isn't home to tell me what he spent. But we used sample sized paints of Benjamin Moore (3 sample sizes are cheaper than a quart and you get more paint.) He asked the lady at the hardware store why he wouldn't want to do that, and she couldn't answer! I love the color. I love my kitchen! Thanks Ryan!


Anonymous said...

Ry, you did a GREAT job. Your mamas proud. Love ya

kmom said...

I like the light over the table. It all looks good.

Shawn and Becky said...

Amazing! Nice work Ryan . . . and Katie!

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