Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lake Eufala: Part I

We headed to Lake Eufala this past weekend to celebrate Des's 3rd birthday. The journey to the lake was just as fun as the lake itself! We got to stop halfway in Seminole to check the progress on the house and meet Jack the donkey. Liv loved the gator ride and these photos are my favorite from the whole weekend.
It just doesn't get much cuter. (Liv is looking over my shoulder while I post these and she said "Aww that's so sweet")
No fingers were lost in the feeding of this carrot.
The country life is pretty foreign to Olivia but she has plenty of time to learn.
 Check out the ginormous frog in their flooded basement. Gross. Lauren says she would rather die in a tornado than ever go down there for shelter. I suggested they could just hang out on the steps if a storm came, but honestly I wouldn't want to sit with this frog either.
Don't worry we only broke the law for a few blocks.
We got to stop at the Dairy Queen in Wetumka. It may have been the slowest fast food ever but it was worth the wait!
Upon arriving at the lake house, some toddlers coaxed the dads into blowing up this pirate ship. I think it lasted an hour before there was a hole in it.
Genevieve was ticked she never even got a turn on it.
We stayed up chatting, and then slept peacefully all night. In the morning the kids woke up to a decorated spiderman birthday table
The kids couldn't wait to see what gifts Des got.
Stay tuned for pinata and lake pics!


Rebekah said...

That first picture is so precious!!! LOVE IT!!!

kmom said...

The first two pictures are adorable!

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