Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lake Eufala: Part III

We came back from an afternoon at the lake to smash a spidey pinata
To prevent anyone from getting hurt we decided not to still took a good while to break open though!
Liv preferred to sit and watch from my lap. She isn't prone to violent acts with a bat. (except that time she hit me in the face with one this same weekend.)
They were eager to dig into the yummy Spidey sheet cake
Woody enjoys the lakehouse as much as we do.
Here's some Ryan artistic shots.
I love this look G is giving Liv. She says "you aren't the boss of me!"
This birthday boy is one cool dude!
After a night of Settlers, we headed back out on the boat with these guys the next morning. We practically had the whole lake to ourselves!
This time I built a sand turtle alone. Then Charlie ran through it about 5 minutes later.
The rest of the gang played in the water and ate snacks on the boat.
Then it was time to head back and start packing up!
Here is why it's always good to have Ryan at the lake.
It never got old!
And here is proof that Charlie can swim!
This concludes our fun weekend at the Lake until we return!
Thanks Papa and Gaga for having such a fun getaway!


kmom said...

I like Ryan's game with the kids. It is amazing what simple things can entertain kids that age. The hard thing for me is thinking them up.

Shawn and Becky said...

Looks like so much fun. Vacation with other families with kids are awesome!

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