Friday, August 10, 2012

Newsletter: 35 Months

My sweet girl is almost 3! I better start planning that birthday party soon! I keep thinking you will choose a theme for me, but you still don't seem to understand when I ask you, you just start telling me about other people's parties you've been to.
You've found a fondness for Blues Clue's on Netflix recently and usually watch an episode after nap. Because of this you've also started putting a pen to your mouth when you're drawing and saying "Hmmmm I'm finking" just like Steve.

You've gotten really good at using superlatives such as:
"It's the best I've eber seen!" or "It's the most amaaaaaazing!"
You like to end certain phrases with the word "really" such as:
"I just drawing mom, really."
You like to rephrase questions ever so nicely to us after we've said no, such as:
"May I pwease have some pwetzels?"
"Not right now Olivia."
"Oooor maybe I CAN have some pwetzels?"
"Still no."
Thanks to a children's CD we are borrowing you have picked up LOTS of new songs to sing. I'm about annoyed with it in the car and ready for a new one though! Some of your favorites are Green Bottles, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, and Dilly Dilly. You sing them in the car, and in the house, and to your bears at nap time and bed time. I love to hear you sing.
The Olympics (or as you say O-yimpics) have been on the past few weeks and I must admit we've watched WAY more TV than usual because of this. We had an olympic party and you even got to do toddler olympics at Mother's Day Out the other day. You got a gold medal and are proud to show it off! You like to watch the various sports on tv, but diving and swimming are your favorites. You told daddy tonight that you and Noah dive just like people on TV were diving! (I think you were exaggerating slightly, but it was cute)
Your water skills are improving though and you even put your face under water all by yourself today. You are getting braver without floaties, but if we try to coerce you to try anything you immediately become scared and refuse. However if you just see someone else do something and we don't try to coerce you, you will more than likely try it on your own. It has to be YOUR idea! This goes for everything in life, not just swimming!
Napping has been good the past few weeks so I'm sure I can expect you to boycott it again pretty soon! You are waking up earlier in the mornings now so that might be helping. You still go to bed at about 8pm. We took you for another medical study appointment and found out you weigh 30 pounds now and are almost 38 inches. You did much better than I expected at the appointment and although I'll dedicate a whole post to it later, I will include a picture of your cute little skeleton! (Your legs are blurry, half there, and spine is crooked because you were tired of laying still by the end)
We got to visit Lulu's elementary school this week and you wanted me to leave you there. She showed you how to walk done the hall with your arms crossed and how to stop at the paw prints and you were a pro rule follower from the get go! You got to tour the Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms, sit on the colorful rugs, and play with toys. You got to peak in a PE class and play on the playground. You even said you wanted to nap with the other kids there! I'm not ready for that though and I'm glad we have some more time together before you are a full time student.
This month has been another rough one with my health. I hate having to tell you I can't play with you or pick you up because I'm hurting or sick, but you usually seem to understand and even ask if you can bring me my back brace or some ice. On a positive side I'm glad that you are developing an empathizing heart that wants to help those in need....I just hate that its me sometimes that you're helping! 
You had a great week in Branson with your Gigi, Grandma, and Grandpa. The only time you cried for us was when you got in trouble, but other than that they said you were great. Picking you up when I've been away from you is always a fun experience. You squealed so loudly when you saw us and ran to hug me so hard you knocked me over! I felt the same way seeing you! I won't lie, it's nice to have a little vacation when it's just your daddy and me, but I don't feel like we're a complete family until you are with us again. I say it all the time (so I hope you always know it!) you bring us such joy!
I love you,


kmom said...

I love you too, Olivia, and hoping to hear you sing again soon. Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Soooooo close to 3! Just can't believe it. Wish I could come to your party. Love you loads and loads. Grandma

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