Saturday, August 04, 2012

Reasons to Love OKC

The Paseo Art Walk
You can read about the Paseo here, and I've mentioned the fairy ball that was in the Paseo, but this is the first time we participated in the art walk which is the first Friday and Saturday of every month. The galleries stay open late and there is food, music, and fun and of course it's all free! (Unless you buy some art) 
One of the galleries even had art on display done by the animals at the zoo. My favorite was the anaconda's painting.
 Liv even got to talk with the creator of the fairy ball and come up with her unique fairy name: Orange Butterfly Fairy. 
It wasn't too hot or too crowded and we had a good time. 
I wish I'd put my SD card in my camera, but I didn't so all you get are blurry cell phone pics!
If you missed it this weekend, there is always September!


guy said...

Where's the place where the band is playing? i don't recognize that patio.


Ryan and Katie said...

It's right outside of Sauced.

Anonymous said...

Have Olivia draw a picture of the Orange Butterfly Fairy for me. It sounds lovely. Another great post for the OKC chamber of commerce. It's nice to know the heat isn't keeping you indoors 24/7. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

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