Monday, August 06, 2012

Reasons to Love OKC

Spaghetti Eddie
If there is a children's event in the city, Spaghetti Eddie is there singing his fun kids' songs about vowels, body parts, cleaning up toys, etc. Lucky for us he was playing a show at the science museum this weekend so we headed over for fun and free popsicles! Ryan stayed behind to work on the kitchen but he was dancing with us in spirit. Here are the pics and videos of our fun day!
 Sorry I couldn't merge these into one video but I couldn't pick which one was the cutest of the toddler dance party :)
Then we headed on into the science museum for some things we hadn't explored before, like the ride in the space capsule. When they shut the door and it moved Liv FREAKED out.
 I had no idea we were on a monitor being watched by the people outside. Awesome.
Noah didn't mind it one bit though! 
They both freaked out when the Robot mascot was walking around greeting kids, I have never seen her run so fast or scream so loud. She shook like a leaf for 30 min while I held her and tried to explain the robot is nice and mommy would never let a robot hurt her (unless they take over the world then we're all out of luck) The new geometry exhibit was fun though and did not freak her out!
 The olympics inspired her to try some new moves on the mats! 
We love the science museum and will be returning there more as the pool time will not be lasting too much longer!


kmom said...

Thank you for including all of the videos. I liked the road trip song. I had forgotten the science museum has an outdoors part. It is so good the museum has so many interactive things for the little kids to do.

H said...

I love the dance party! Never heard of spaghett Eddie, we will have to go see him sometime.

Anonymous said...

That girl can really get her groove on. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

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