Thursday, August 30, 2012


For the past few weeks I've been telling Liv that she's almost 3, so she gets to have more responsibility now that she's older. She also gets more privileges if she can be responsible. 
Her first responsibility is making her bed daily. Every morning before she even leaves her room she's supposed to make her bed. Including all the 700 pillows (This is something that I have just now learned to do at the age of 29) I've been helping her the past few days, showing her exactly where the pillows go etc. (see, family, I CAN be a little OCD just like you at times) but today was the first day she did it all by herself! And I was impressed. I told her I would take a photo and share it with you.
I'm as proud of her as she was of herself! 
I won't con you into thinking she does this every day easily and with a smile on her face and a song on her lips. She's smarter than that. She is catching on a bit that it's a "chore" and not as fun as she might've first thought, so some days she just starts yelling "I don't want to be 3! I don't want to be 3!" when I remind her to make her bed before she comes out of her room....but I hope when it becomes routine there will be less complaining and more smiles like this!
I think next up will be putting her clean laundry away. She's already pretty good at it but we'll get to it after she masters bed making.
What responsibilities do you give your young children? How to you encourage them to be helpers around the house? Do you give rewards or allowance? I've seen lots of ideas on Pinterest but what works for you?


The Moores said...

Every morning when I remind the boys that they need to make their beds I still get eye rolls and sighs, so much fun!. The novelty of being able to make her own bed still keeps Alice excited about it though. We don't give allowance for doing chores around the house (i.e. mow our lawn, clean thier rooms, do dishes), but if the boys help dad mow lawns around town they get paid.

ktsdad said...

And as soon as she learns to read, there will be lists on the refrigerator :-)

kmom said...

Three cheers for Olivia! Well done!

Anonymous said...

One of my girls chores was the dishes. Of course, we didn't have a dishwasher so they had to wash/dry/put away. I'm so glad you are training her so young. Tell her that Grandma is VERY VERY proud of her. I love you all. Mom aka Gma

jennifer anderson said...

thats sweet. and young for a chore! i remember my mom made me cgange my younger sisters bed when she was as old as nine years old!

Anonymous said...

Brixton helps me put dishes away--mostly just handing them to me. We also make him clean up his toys. He tries to put his clothes away and always unfolds them which tests my OCD.

Anonymous said...

We don't do allowance, we do commission. I don't force them to make their bed in the morning, but when they thoroughly clean their room it might get a once over. They enjoy the work more because of the commission and they are able to diversify it (yes they even use that word) between their give, save and spend banks. They are always trying to find more jobs to do that will earn them commission. We don't pay them on everything like putting dirty dishes in the sink, but putting laundry away, cleaning up messes, helping with dishes, that gets commission. Jessica Van Winkle

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