Monday, August 13, 2012

Slipping Through My Fingers

She's not due to be in Pre-K for another 2 years but she was ready to stay when we toured Lulu's school the other day. She folded her arms while walking in the hall, just like the big kids.
 She was pumped to sit on the colored rug for calendar time with Noah. 
She got to peek in all the classrooms. 
She really wanted to join in on the PE fun with the big kids.
 I'm just glad her first time in the principal's office was about hula hooping and not detention.
She was having the time of her life and all I could hear was Abba singing Slipping Through My Fingers in my head. I think I read her a few extra books as she snuggled in my lap at nap time that day.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope she has the same enthusiasm in a few years. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Rebekah said...

I know I have commented on your blog and others about how fast they grow up. 8 DAYS!! I have 8 very short days left before I move Brooke into her dorm room. I remember preschool, it seems like yesterday..enjoy the moments. Everyone always says "enjoy them while they are young", as if you won't when they are older. I am proud that I still enjoy them. What you should be doing is enjoying every is an amazing journey and I am so glad I have 2 great children to take it with me. Enjoy this time, she is precious!!!

kmom said...

Is Lulu Jenna's mother?

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