Thursday, September 13, 2012

Book Review

Seven. So many people have read and loved this book and while I enjoyed parts of it, I guess it was hyped up too much for me and didn't meet my high expectations. The author has a great sense of humor but she came off as irreverent a lot of times in her humor...and that's coming from me who makes fun of totally inappropriate things 75% of the time. (So maybe I need to remove the plank from my own eye before I judge her, but whatever this is my book review.) She had a lot of great wisdom that came from her purge of excess and I have enjoyed many posts on her blog. I even would like to read some of her other books but I feel I can only (and appropriately) give this one a 7.

The Secret Daughter was the book club pick for the month and I give it a 7. I wasn't a fan of it at first as I thought the author was almost trying to make some negative statement about foreign adoptions, but by then end I realized she was telling it more from the teenage daughter's viewpoint and her struggles of belonging and figuring out what family means. It was a good read but not much suspense or intrigue or climax or deep characters, so a bit bland. I didn't get to go to book club meeting this month so I don't know what everyone thought (but I hear no one was crazy about it either)

Milk Glass Moon is the third in The Big Stone Gap series. I just love this author and the whole series. I'm ready to read the 4th and to check out other books she's written. This book is about Ava Maria and her family while her daughter is in the teenage years. The author writes so honestly about a woman's identity as mother, wife, and woman that I think all women can relate to the main character at some point in their lives. I know my daughter isn't a teenager yet but I almost teared up at a few points thinking about her future. I found some good quotes for my book too, "As I hold her, I wish for a second that I had another lifetime just to be her friend instead of her mother." Love that. I give it a 9.5

Anne of The Island is the third in the series and it is about the time that Anne goes to college. She's trying to figure out her feelings for Gilbert, making new friends, and maintaining her studies at a time when not many young woman were continuing their education that far. And getting a ton a wedding proposals! She only said yes once though and you have to wait until the VERY end to find out. The chapters are so varied and my mind tends to wander but overall I still like the series and give it a 7. I still haven't got the movies from the library but I don't want to watch ahead of my reading and I don't remember where they stop...does anyone out there know?

I Was Told There Would Be Cake is a hilarious compilation of essays that I think any young female would get a kick out of...particularly ones in New York as the author pulls from her personal experiences of dating, city life, and her career in the Big Apple.  Some of the stories seemed to get off track at times and I would have to go back a page and re-read but maybe my mind just kept wandering. She has a unique sense of humor and if you like David Sedaris type humor I think you would like this book. I give it a 9.

What have you been reading?
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Anonymous said...

The Anne of Green Gables movies that are out there (there are 3) are not fully based off the books. Since I have only read the first one (and that was a very long time ago) the first movie seems to fit the first book, but the other two sum up what the other 7 books do, but turn it into a movie twist. I like the movies as movies, not as based on the books. In fact I love the movies, and if I want a feel-good-I-need-to-cry-and-smile moment anytime, I just pop in the last movie. Jessica Van Winkle

Tarren and Erin said...

The movies are great but not fully based the books like the person above said. I have them on DVD if you want to borrow them sometime though.

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