Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Braums Makes Everything Better

That's what their song says, and I admit their ice cream has cheered me up before! (I guess I'm over my bitterness about them stealing all the DQ business, but I still like DQ blizzards better, but I digress) The ladies class at church (plus a few men) were going for a tour of the Braums processing plant and Liv and I signed up to join! Almost everything for their restaurants in 5 states is made there near Tuttle, OK....including the milk cartons and ice cream packaging!
We were not allowed to take photos inside the factory (so the pics aren't that exciting, just of our friends!) but we got to see the hamburger buns, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, ice cream, waffle cones, toppings, chili sauce, and brownies in production and being packaged.
We got to see the refrigeration room and the 6 story tank that has something to do with evaporation. We did not get to see any cows but we saw where the baby cows live for 80 days after they are born to fatten them up: kind of depressing, one tiny shed for each cow. Sad but not sad enough to quit making me eat hamburgers! (Meat is murder.....tasty, tasty murder)

Fun Facts:
  • They make 50,000 cookies a day. 
  • They birth 40 calves a day. 
  • Each dairy cow makes 8 gallons of milk per day.
  • They milk 800 cows every 32 minutes.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Braum are still alive, living on the farm, and involved in the business. They are in their 80's (which might explain some of the dated ads and "Braums look" that Ryan and I always find amusing)
  • They work year round except Thanksgiving and Christmas. The factories aren't working 24 hours, but there is a night crew that cleans every night.

I was surprised by how few workers were in the big rooms with all that machinery. They would wave at us looking in on them through the windows and Liv loved to wave back. I was also surprised how clean everything was. I'm glad it was though! I seriously felt I could've licked the floors....but I didn't.
It was a little reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate factory without all the singing and whimsicalness. I figured we weren't allowed to take photos because of Mr. Slugworth. There were no oompa loompas or everlasting gobstoppers at the end of the tour but we did get some free ice cream!
You can watch an online tour here! I did not get a full group picture but I did get one of the kiddos that went!
Here we are very spread out in this room enjoying our treat!

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kmom said...

It sounded like a very interesting tour. I'm glad Olivia enjoyed it.

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