Monday, September 03, 2012

Intro to Bears: 101

Aunt Amy will be proud of the fact that Liv has taken a fancy into lining her toys up on the couch, the floor, her bed, etc. 
Aunt Amy excelled at this as a young girl and often put her little sister Katie in the mix with her animals. Then when I got older, I too used to enjoy doing this and would even take their photos when I got my first camera. (Along with scandalous outfits I made for my Barbies) Here's a long video with a little intro to her bear friends, some impromptu singing, and some talk of the upcoming birthday party.
"Probably not" has become one of her favorite phrases as of late.


kmom said...

Memories. Memories. And now there will be more. I'm looking forward to playing the game. Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Lucky Grammy and Papa. Wish we could crash the party. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed every second. Love ya, Gma aka Mom

Jennifer said...

That was great! I especially loved all the bears whose names were bear.

Erica Vance said...

Oh my goodness! I remember lining up my dolls and Colin as a baby. It must be some sort of strange little girl thing.

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