Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Labor Day

We like to labor on labor day. I think in all the years past, we've used the extra long weekend to do house projects....except that year we were hoping I'd actually go into labor! This year we got a lot done AND managed to have some fun with friends. We are holding off on kitchen stuff until after Liv's birthday weekend so Ryan decided to work on the yard. He did most of the yard laboring, but I helped out some pruning and raking and pulling weeds (as per usual there is no proof since I am the one wielding the camera). 
We saw lots of interesting creepy crawlers including a black widow with two egg sacks, LOTS of cicada shells, and one of those dinosaur stink bugs that I've never seen until Lauren educated me about them in Seminole. They are extra freaky looking and very painful if they sting you I hear. (Thanks to Jesse, the bugman, who came last week, I'm hopeful none will make it into our house!) 
Our yard looks sooooo much better after Ryan trimmed the pecan tree. I never knew how tall that tree was because the low branches were blocking my view! It's sunnier back there now and the branches won't be scraping our roof. Liv got a kick of how many branches were in our driveway. (Can you find her in there?)
And of saying hello to her daddy on the roof! 
He also painted some trim on the house and the black railing on the porch. 
Liv helped me out washing the patio furniture.
When we weren't laboring on the house, we were preparing for the most awesome 3 year old party coming up soon!! And we had game night at the Vasquezes, dinner with Allison and Micah, babysat the adorable Meyers girls, taught a bunch of rowdy boys at Mayfair about crossing the Red Sea with Moses, grilled burgers with Sommer and the Waughs, and celebrated Milo's 2nd birthday! Phew! I didn't get pics of all of the weekend fun but here's one I did get!


Anonymous said...

You truly are the busiest people I know. Home ownership isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes it would be so nice just to call the landlord and say "Come trim this tree" or "get this trim painted". But hopefully the perks outweigh all the work. And "ewwwwww" on the spiders and bugs. Love you guys, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Wow! You got a lot done! Thank you for the graphics. I think I've seen spider egg sacs and not known what they were.

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