Sunday, September 23, 2012

May the Force Be With You

My latest in craftiness for my nephews. 
Please don't let me know the inaccuracy of the characters, I'm sure Yoda is too young and tall and that Obi Wan's hair is too brown but I know NOTHING about Star Wars. I had to ask Ryan if the title of this post was even from the movie or if it was Star Trek....I don't really even know the difference. But they were fun to make! As was this farmer family for another friend's little boy. 
I love peg people :)


Anonymous said...

I love these! I need to try and make some for Hannah if it's possible. -April B.

The Moores said...

Aww, too cute. I hope you're refering to your Idaho nephews, cause they're gonna love em!

Anonymous said...

*waves hand in Jedi mind trick* I'll just take the Star Wars ones off your hands...your nephews don't want them really...*evil grin*they'll get added to my collection! HA-HA-HA! (just kidding) :D They are super awesome! Jessica Van Winkle

kmom said...

They all look good to me. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Love em. You are just so creative. Love, Mom aka Gma

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