Monday, September 17, 2012

Meet Beary White

The day before Olivia's Teddy Bear Birthday Picnic we took her to get a new bear at Build-a-Bear for her present from us. 
It was really too overstimulating for a 3 year old (and an almost 30 year old), but she did pick out a bear and some clothes. 
We put the heart inside and filled it with stuffing. 
Then gave it a bath and dressed it.
 Then the most important moment came...the birth certificate ceremony. 
No pressure Liv but what do you want to name your new bear? 
Ryan has renamed it Beary White so we can tell it apart from Bear, Bear, Bear and Bear. Green bear and Red bear are still her favs but she is enjoying Beary White as well. 
This is the best pic we got afterward. She was more interested in picking her nose than holding her bear for a picture. And that pretty much sums up life with a 3 year old!
Welcome to the family Beary White!


Anonymous said...

I see a theme here. I think she needs a Blackie and a Violet and a Hazel (is there a greenish/brown bear out there some where?), and maybe a maybe a Pinky. Such a sweetie! I can't wait to see you all in just a few weeks. Love ya much. Gma aka Mom

kmom said...

Beary White has sunglasses that look like Olivia's. Olivia picked them out for her bear.

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