Monday, September 10, 2012

Newsletter: 36 Months

Dear Olivia,
You still say you are 2 but we all know you are 3 now! We'll keep working on that. So what is life like with you at 3? It's wonderful, hilarious, challenging, fun, and exasperating all at the same time. You can say full well thought out sentences and come up with all sorts of questions and arguments regarding whatever we are talking about it. We don't listen to the radio as much in the car because we are having conversations about all sorts of things. The most simple question you ask 1000 times a day of course is "why"? I really try not to get frustrated and answer every "why" as best I can, but eventually it ends with "I don't know Olivia, what do you think?" because I just don't have ALL the answers in the world that you want to know!
You are big into making up words this month. Some of my favorites include sporching, stroching, and procheen. I will use them in the sentences you used
Liv: Mom, wanna sporch wif me?
Me: What does sporch mean?
Liv: I dunno wanna do it wif me?
(one day it meant a dance and one day it meant a monster. Stroching was a similar phrase)
Liv: That's the procheen I eber seen! Look at the procheen!
(You use this word in all sorts of scenarios. I still have no idea what you are talking about but it makes me smile nonetheless!
One word you LOVE to say knowing that it tests the limits is "poop." You'll throw it into a random sentence as an adjective or answer back to us with an "Okay mommy....poop." I tried not to react to it at first thinking you might stop but it kept on so we had to explain that it wasn't a nice word to say unless we were in a potty time situation. It helped cut back on it some but now you'll randomly say "I not say poop anymore mom, I not say poop all the time" not realizing (or maybe you are) that everytime you say that you're still saying it!
You've been wanting to hold my hand a lot more at random times. Sometimes it's in public, but sometimes it's just walking between rooms of the house. If I'm in the back seat we hold hands in the car. I never complain. I love to hold your little hand and know it won't always fit so easily in mine.
Some of your favorite things to play currently are
Freeze--where we dance to music then say "freeze!" and you have to stop until the music goes again
Broken leg--the little people in your doll house keep getting injured, usually a broken leg, and have to go to the hospital in an ambulance
Candy Landy--your new board game. You are still a little young to grasp the rules of the game and end up just wanting to throw the cards in the air but we'll keep working on it!
You've gotten really creative with imaginative play this month and love to go on trips to Target, shoe shopping, the donut shop, the doctor's office, etc.
You still continue to be a ham in all sorts of public situations. We went to a playtime/sing time event at a library last week and there were probably 20 kids and parents there. We were singing a song about washing our bodies and you were in the middle of our circle with a scarf scrubbing all over your body and when the instructor asked which part of your body you wanted to wash.....well I think we can guess what part might be the most embarrassing and hilarious in a group setting! Luckily you didn't name it out loud and she quickly moved on to another kid! I'm sure I turned red but I'm glad you know to wash every part!
One of the most challenging parts this month has been your refusal and tantrums to do things you do NOT want to do. Of course you've been having them before but they seem more plentiful and escalate much more quickly now. Nap time, bed time, bath time, and getting dressed every day are much more unpleasant for all involved right now and I'm still trying to learn best how to handle them but mostly I'm telling myself it's a phase and it will pass! Luckily you can also go from mad to glad as quickly as you go from glad to mad!
Your 3 year party was a big success and I had so much fun planning it for you. I had been asking you for weeks what kind of party you wanted and you didn't grasp the idea very well so Grammy suggested since you've always had a fondness for your bears that I have a teddy bear birthday. We turned it into a teddy bear picnic and you were excited from the start! We invited your friends and made bear hats, played dress up with bears, read bear books, acted out the 3 bears story, went on a bear hunt, and had a picnic with bear themed foods. It was so much fun, and I kept looking around feeling blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love you and our family. In your short 3 years you've blessed us and so many others who care for you, and I hope in some way you felt that on your birthday!
I have some tough memories about the day you were born 3 years ago, but they are overshadowed with the marvelous blessing I also received. A friend of mine encouraged me to tell you the story of your birth every year on your birthday and I did that when I put you to bed last night. I used age appropriate terms and left out certain details, but you sat in awe as I told you how nervous your daddy and I were, but how excited we were too. Happy tears rolled down my cheeks as I tried to explain how perfect and beautiful I thought you were when I first saw your chubby cheeks and all that hair, and how you'd always be beautiful to me. I told you how everyone was amazed at how alert and calm you were. You didn't cry and you kept your eyes wide open. I told you how the nurse brought you over to me and we rubbed noses. And when we got to our room we held you for hours and just stared at our new baby. You loved the story and immediately wanted to hear it again but I told you I'd save it for another birthday bedtime story next year!
I still look at you with the same wonder I did on your very first birthday. I still think you are beautiful and marvel at all that hair you have now! Your daddy and I had no idea what life would be like with a kid 3 years ago, and now we can't imagine a life without you. We love you so much, sweet girl!



Anonymous said...

Always love to read these updates! I'm glad her party was such a success-it looks like a lot of fun. She is definitely a blessing. Love yall!


Michelle said...

such a sweet post! Looks like a fun birthday party. She should've come over to see my cool cast from my broken foot, I'm sure she would've enjoyed my crutches as much as my kids did! Cooper says poop a lot now that he's in school, last night he finished his prayer with "In Jesus name, A-poop." I was like, ummm Cooper that is not nice, don't ever say that again....while trying not to laugh, which is bad I know....

Ryan and Katie said...

ah man, I dunno how you didn't laugh. So irreverent and they don't even know it!

Anonymous said...

That last picture is the cutest ever. I just might blow that up to an 11x14 and hang it over my t.v. (Kidding) Happy happy birthday sweet Olivia. Grandma and Grandpa love you very much and pray God gives us many years to watch you grow into a beautiful Christian woman. Happy 36 months (aka 3 years) Grandma and Grandpa

Shawn and Becky said...

Awesome Party! A wonderful 36 months it's been. They are amazing little people who shape our lives more than they know. Good luck with the poop issue. We call it 'potty talk' and it's only used for the bathroom. For some reason Cameron typically buys it and it's worked for us.

Shannon said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun! Such a bummer that we have to live far away and can't be at all your fun activities and parties. But we still wish Olivia a happy birthday from H-town!

kmom said...

That first picture is a jewel. I'm so glad Papa and I were there for the total birthday experience, including the days before and after. Olivia has brought so much wonder and joy to our lives. With love,Papa and Grammy

Chellie said...

Sorry we missed the party. Looks like so much fun!
I love reading these letters to Olivia.
Brixton loves holding my hand right now too, especially in the car. He always wants me to reach back and hold his hand. I do, until my arm falls asleep.
Such a sweet/challenging age.

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