Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Olivia Stats

Since there is no recording of this info in a baby book I feel I must put the facts from your well child visit here. This was the very first dr. visit that was conducted without tears or bribery or you sitting in my lap the entire time. I was so proud of you!
 You are 38.5" tall (77% percentile)
You weigh 29 pounds 12 ounces (44% percentile)
Tall and skinny like your daddy!
You have a heart murmur that they will keep listening to at your check ups but Dr. Julie isn't concerned at this point.
You have white spots on your tongue that never go away but she suspects its from grinding your teeth at night and biting on your tongue. You never tell us they hurt and they don't grow so I guess unless you want to wear a mouth guard at night they will be there! 
You are reaching all the milestones for this age. And the Dr. said you were growing great!
Now can you please be this good at your first dentist visit in a few months???
 When we pulled into the parking garage at St. Anthony's you said "This isn't Dr. Julie's, mom. This is where we watched fireworks!" You are right, we drove up to the top to watch the 4th of July downtown fireworks and I couldn't believe you remembered that! 


Michelle said...

Cooper was awful at the dentist, I took him to see Anna Ferrell hoping it would help.....he goes back next month so maybe he'll be better! Good luck to you! Yeah for good Doc checkups!

Monique said...

Glad the doctor visit went well. Love the pictures!

kmom said...

I'm so happy the doctor visit went well.

Anonymous said...

Tall, skinny, AND grinds her teeth like Daddy. Carrie had a heart murmur when she was Olivia's age. I don't remember how old she was when it disappeared, but it eventually did. Love you guys, Mom aka Gma

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