Monday, October 22, 2012

A list of things that happened while Liv was vacationing in Branson with her grandparents:
  • I went to two matinees by myself. I've always wanted to do this and I enjoyed it except for 2 things: During one movie it was just me and a single guy in the whole theater  I didn't feel very safe. Also comedies are funner to laugh at if a friend is beside you. Other than that, I enjoyed Perks of Being a Wallflower and Pitch Perfect.
  • I kept hearing voices outside my house while I was reading in my recliner one afternoon. When it sounded like they were using walkie talkies, I finally peeked out the window to see a cop in my front yard with a gun. When he saw me he lowered it and motioned for me to come out. I was FREAKED out that a bad man was in my house or something, but opened the front door a crack (to see 3 more cops with guns emerge from the side of my house) and the officer asked me to confirm my address and asked how long I'd lived here. Apparently they were looking for a man named Bruce and he used to live here. Well he hasn't in the past 5 years and I dunno what he did but I thought they could've knocked first and asked before giving me a heart attack!
  • I made that burlap wreath I already blogged about. I also thought the police should think it odd for a criminal named Bruce to be hiding in a house with a fall themed decorated porch and door but whatever. 
  • We toured Whole Foods finally (it's been here a year) and ate in the cafe there. I might grocery shop there some time, but I do like my Buy For Less.
  • I checked out Anthropologie and decided I'll stick with Ross, but if we made a lot of money I might shop there. When I can't even justify the clearance rack price though, it's time to leave a store. I did wish I had gotten hardware for our kitchen there, but I'll save it for another project that requires less knobs.
  • We looked at more real estate and are still undecided about what to do. We've only found one house in our months of searching that we even remotely liked in our price range (and due to the foundation issues, and repairs needed, we aren't proceeding) so we aren't chomping at the bit to put our house on the market because I'd rather not live in an apt or hotel or settle for something I'm not happy with, when I do love my current house, I just want a little more room and a neighborhood without all the drama. Maybe God is just giving me a lesson in contentment. 
  • Ryan and I went to see Argo, good movie. 
  • We finished watching season 2 of the Walking Dead so we are all caught up with the current season.
  • Ryan took off work on Friday and we went to estate sales and garage sales all morning. It was blissful and I got some vintage pillow cases, a chenille bedspread, a paper shredder, and some play things for Liv.
  • I read Angela's Ashes (I'll review it later)
  • I swam laps, went to ladies class, mailed the books at church, and all the stuff I usually do but I did not grocery shop or cook any evenings and that was nice!
  • I didn't do as much organizing around the house as I'd hoped but there wasn't as much needed to be done and I preferred to take it easy this time as we really only had 3 days to ourselves. 
I really wish I could bottle the moment I see my daughter and my daughter sees me after we've been apart for a few days. It's a glorious feeling. (I would then drink from that bottle during the screaming fits at nap time.) She does fine away from me, but then when we are together again she has a bit of separation anxiety for the next few days and we are going through that right now. I'm sure am glad she's back though! I might get tired of that toddler chatter 24/7 but the quiet when she was gone was almost just as nerve racking! 


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a fun packed, exciting (at times) week while I enjoyed your daughter. I sure hope she lets me do it again soon. Love you guys and miss you all already. Mom aka Gma

Chellie said...

Have you tried searching for foreclosed homes on the MLS? That's how we got our home -- you just have to be willing to weed through the ones that angry people damaged.
You'll find the right one -- maybe God is just teaching you patience too.

kmom said...

Glad you and Ryan packed in good times while Liv was away.

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