Monday, October 08, 2012

City Mice and Country Mice

We traveled down to Seminole today to do things we don't get to do here in the city. And to spend time with Lolo for her birthday!! We had a snack and then went straight to see the progress on THE HOUSE. Of which I took no pics but you can see on their blog.
The floors were starting to go in today! It's so pretty and even prettier in person! Then we had to do farm things. Like play on haybales, visit barns, say hello to Jack the donkey, throw gravel, you know...things ya just can't do in the big city.
Who needs a pumpkin patch when you've got haybales for photos?
We also ate at Cazadorez then had delicious birthday cake back at the house before saying farewell. It's exciting to think the next time we are in Seminole they will be moved into the farm house!
Happy Birthday Lo!

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kmom said...

So glad Olivia is able to have so many experiences. Having them with friends make them even more special.

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