Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grandma comes to town!

Did you know Grandma Butcher was once Fidel Castro for Halloween? True story.
I'm so glad we got to spend a few days with Ryan's grandma. And not just so I could find out fun Halloween facts about her. It's rare that you get to spend one on one time with a grandparent when you usually only see them at major holidays and reunions and they live hundreds of miles away and there are like 20 other cousins and great grandkids begging for attention.  
Liv headed to Branson with Ryan's mom, and Ryan headed to work, so Grandma and I hit the town for a site a horticulturist like her would enjoy, the Myriad Gardens. And we actually went inside the crystal bridge, which I've only done like twice. 
 It's such a beautiful place. This purple one is for you Amy.
Ok I won't bore you with anymore plant photos. After the gardens she taught me how to make home made bread. The dough wasn't rising right, and I was pretty sure I cursed it (remember I'm a looker not a cooker), but Grandma said bread is very forgiving and it turned out delicious. (We'll see how my first solo batch goes though. I might be flying her back in from Oregon)
 Thanks Grandma for spending time with us and thanks so much Mona for taking Liv this week! I miss her,  but we're taking full advantage of the staycation! 
This weekend Liv returns and we get to spend time with Ryan's parents. Maybe we can just talk them into moving here :)


The Moores said...

So glad you had a good visit with that wonderful lady. And good luck with your homemade bread! You'll do awesome!

kmom said...

I bet Grandma Butcher had fun!

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