Monday, October 01, 2012

Kitchen Update: The Bench

In the past few weekends, Ryan has knocked out the pantry that we didn't use to create a larger space by the backdoor, then he upcycled the wood from the pantry to make the bench by the backdoor. Then he put bead board on the wall behind it that will be the same green as the new cabinets. 
Now all we need to do is paint it, add a mirror over the electrical box, put a shelf at the top, and various hooks for coats, and a curtain to hide all the things under the bench. Then paint the water heater doors and add chalkboard paint to them. Then touch up wall and ceiling paint, add another light, fix hole in the floor, and more things I'm probably missing! We're getting closer to being 100%!!!


Anonymous said...

Its looking great. Good job Ry. It'll be beautiful when you're done. So looking forward to seeing you in a few days. Love much. Mom aka Gma

The Moores said...

So nice! Makes so much more sense now.

kmom said...

Ryan sure has been busy while my computer was not working. I didn't know the electrical box was there. The coats cover them up. I don't think a curtain is needed. The bench makes everything look organized. Where will you place the dog food container?

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