Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Newsletter: 37 Months

Dear Olivia,
When you were a baby, the milestones from month to month were easy to see, but now it isn't as much big things as little ones. And if I didn't type them down here I would forget! Like today, you peeled your first clementine all by yourself! (What baby book has a spot for that?!) Also there may not be big milestones, but there are lots of conversations and funny sentences I'm always hoping I remember to put in these letters!
For instance, the Halloween season is here and you are learning all sorts of fun songs at Mother's Day Out about ghoulish characters. The other day in the car you asked, "Mom, do we know any ghosts?" I explained that we did not and that ghosts much like monsters are just for pretend. Speaking of Halloween, you have an opinion about your costume this year so I am trying to let you be what you want to be although this includes being a giraffe, baby bear, and tree somehow all for the same holiday. We'll see which one ends up winning! Maybe all the Halloween talk is also making you afraid of the dark all of a sudden because you always want your door left WIDE open at night now.
When you aren't talking...which is VERY rare if you are are reading and usually out loud. You read in the car, in your room, at the table, and sometimes as soon as you wake up you'd rather read than eat breakfast. You combine sentences from various books and make up your own stories. Such as, "Wocket in his pocket, knows all about, but he can't find his dad. There he is!" You say that phrase all the time! I can't even figure out where some of the phrases you get are from. Vera's First Day of School is one of your favorites and you can read it from memory and from looking at the pictures. I love the way you say the words hubby cole (instead of cubbyhole) and berkeye twee (for buckeye tree). And "Run for your lives! June and Elaine asked"
You enjoy your alone time which is good since naps are still hit or miss these days but you are very good at playing by yourself in your room to give mommy a rest time. Sometimes you'll even ask daddy or me to leave the room so you can play or read or talk to yourself. We laugh and usually oblige.
We still haven't cut that LOOOONG hair of yours. Brushing times can be rough but as long as you have a hand to squeeze you usually do ok. I ask if you are ready for a haircut anytime we have a tangled mess but you emphatically say NO! I also think you aren't really sure what a hair cut is although I've tried to explain it to you. Since you see me buzz daddy's hair with the clippers I'm sure you think that's what you'd have too!
Your new favorite food is hot dogs. You can easily down two whole ones (including buns) and still ask for more. You are obsessed with your new game, Candy Land, and as much as it pains me to play it (because you still don't really understand the path to follow on the game) I will play it with you every day and tell myself it's teaching me patience! You are getting better but usually tire halfway through and just want to be at the Candy Castle already!
You are getting more and more artistic and really enjoying painting, coloring, and drawing. We often color on the porch while we wait for daddy to come home. You have a little desk to draw and cut at and today you helped make Thank You cards with me. You like to give yourself directions while you draw, "straight line, then left, then right, etc." You are learning to spell your name and while you can't write it out just yet you can at least say it out loud!

I often wonder if you will enjoy these letters when you are older. Or will you be embarrassed in the teenage years that I wrote about potty training and tantrum throwing and ask me to take them off the internet? I like to think that you will appreciate them and enjoy seeing how you've grown and changed,  and what characteristics made us all laugh and what drove us batty from month to month. But most of all I hope you will know how much I treasure our moments together and how I wouldn't trade them for the world!
Love you,

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kmom said...

I love you, Olivia! How did Candy Land come out of hiding? It was hidden a couple of days after your birthday due to impatience with the game and the cards getting thrown up in the air. Love, Grammy

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