Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch

Say that three times fast! I think the word "patch" is used very loosely here. I mean there were pumpkins...in an area....but it's not like it's the area they naturally grew in. It was more of a pumpkin pile, if you will. You can see Liv was clearly confused.
Either way we got to celebrate the fall season in 90 degree weather with Ryan's parents at this festive place! Hayrides, petting zoo, haybales, tire swings, hammocks, and corn mazes were on the to do list and we checked them off!
Next time maybe the weather will feel more "fallish" but that's Oklahoma for ya!
(check out last time we were there 2 years ago!)


Anonymous said...

Hard to get in the "fall" mood when it's 90 degrees outside. Poor Olivia was so hot and tired that I doubt it will be one of her favorite outings to remember. Love you guys. Mom aka Gma

Gena said...

I LOVE the puzzled pumpkin 'pile' face. So funny!

kmom said...

It looked like fun and reminded me of our grand trip to a real pumpkin patch here when Liv was 1.

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