Thursday, October 11, 2012

This is a random post. A preview of what is to come.
And a random photo of the two of us.
P.S. I love my husband

Other things going on lately that I haven't blogged about:
-Kitchen updating
-Family coming
-Liv leaving for a week
-Vampire Diaries Premiere party
-Dates to see Looper, Sleepwalk with Me, and the RV Show
-Ryan's homemade movie projector
-Book Club
-Doctor's appts (I'll blog about this one day, but no, I'm not prego)
-The Sims FreePlay
-Beth Moore's James Bible Study
-Lots of shows back on TV
-A Neighborhood Association starting here (who knew?!)
-Possibly moving and house hunting (who knew?!)
-Finding out I have a brother I never knew about 
-just kidding on that last one. you know I have to throw things in to see if you're still reading


AM said...

Lovely picture! And you got me for a second. I was like What?! A unknown brother!!?

Michelle said... Newkirk? Just kidding, but after you did all that work on your kitchen. We need another playdate, miss you all!

Jennifer said...

The brother one made me laugh!

kmom said...

Brother??? I figured it must be some close male friend, but I'm glad you didn't leave me hanging. Who is in your neighborhood association? The 2 good neighbors on your driveway side and the lady next to them? Or do you get to be part of that neighborhood on the way to the park?

Shawn and Becky said...

Looking forward to the other updates. Especially the dish on the brother - guess I'll have to keep watching soaps for that excitement.

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