Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vampire Diaries

Thursday night was the 4th season premiere of a show that I'm kind of ashamed to admit I watch, but only kind of because if you started watching would like it too, and you'd feel just as awkward that you love a show as ridiculous as this one. Thank goodness I'm not alone in my love for CW shows about mythical creatures so I decided to go all out with a themed party to celebrate our love for
Vampire Diaries.
I am Team Damon FYI.
We went all out on the themed foods. There were mini moonstones, once bitten cupcakes, Werewolf kibble, transition dips, and other specialties from the Mystic Grill. 
Don't forget the blood bags! (Do you know HOW hard it is to get IV bags? You have to have a prescription for those! There wasn't enough time for online orders so ziploc bags did the trick)
We chowed down until show time, then it got serious. Between commercials there were trivia questions and Katie M. and Whitney were all over it! I think they might've written some of the episodes.
You can make fun all you want, but I dare you to watch season 1 and not want to join us for the Founders Finale Party tentatively at Lauren's new farm house in Seminole. 
See you then!


Damon Salvatore said...

I am so sorry I could not join you for this wonderful evening. If you want I can turn you, just name the date, place, and time; if not I can just compel you.

"shifty eyes, mini wink"

- your favorite vampire hottie

The Moores said...

I have a feeling Vampire Diaries is something I could get hooked on if I started watching it. Is it on Netflix?
I love those cupcakes! I think I'll make them for the boys' class halloween parties.

Michelle said...

I am already planning on coming to the finale party....yeah!!

Ryan and Katie said...

Damon...i had no idea you read my blog but this comment made my week!
Carrie...the first 2 seasons i know are on netflix and the third might be by now too.

Laura said...

Yes!! Season 3 is on Netflix... took me 3 days to catch up! :) Love your party ideas!

kmom said...

Creative party. What ideas! Glad you have plenty of friends with similar tastes in shows. Weird!

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