Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Where's the Pharisee?

This weekend was the big Plaza festival (not to be confused with the monthly Live on the Plaza nights). We had been talking about going all day Saturday hoping the rain would let up. All the talk must've built up some unimaginable event in Liv's mind because by the time we got there and were walking around looking at all the art booths, listening to music, and going to the kid art area, she was getting grumpy and kept saying "WHERE IS THE PHARISEE?!" I don't know if she meant "fair"? Although we didn't go to the state fair this year and didn't call the festival a fair so I'm not sure where she got it from. We kept saying "This is it Liv! What you are experiencing is the festival!" 
(I did not take my nice camera because of the rain so here are the blurry photos!)
She didn't get it but she did quit whining when we found the food trucks and some friends! 
Then we found the Flamenco dancers. Liv could've watched them all day. They were quite good and she sat there mesmerized. She's been trying to mimic them ever since!

Favorite quote of the night 
Noah: Katie I want some ice cream
Me: Well you'll have to ask your mom and dad
Noah: I know, I already did
Such a sneaky little boy!! Here he is helping Liv pick out which flavor looked best on the side of the ice cream truck.
This post brought to you by the Plaza District and Everything Goes Dance Studio.
They didn't pay me to post about them but if they want to I'll take it!


Leslie said...

Ferris wheel? Was she wanting to see a Ferris wheel?

Ryan and Katie said...

I thought about it but i dont think she knows what that is either....

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love a good Flamenco dance?! Love ya, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Nice raincoat! Maybe she saw something on TV and thought you were going to go see that such as some ride. (Pharisee -- Disney) At least the day ended well.

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