Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Review

Angela's Ashes. This memoir reminded me a lot of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn except this was told from a boy's perspective, and his family left America to move back to Ireland during the depression. A lot of it was repetitive and after awhile I got tired of reading about another drunk failure moment of a father and another baby that died...I mean it's true and it's sad...but I felt like a lot of it was drawn out. The way it is written is unique, almost like he's in the room telling you the story, but I'm still not sure I get why it received all the hype it did back in the day. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but I don't see how it differs from lots of other memoirs. I give it a 7. Has anyone seen the movie?

State of Wonder. Sometimes I finish a book and the only words that come to mind are from Super Grover 2.0...."Haba Wha?!" I picked this for book club not knowing what it was about, but hearing good things. I did like it, but it's also kind of a ridiculous plot if you think about it (no spoilers, I'll shut up).
I give it an 8, it started out slow, but once it got going I was more into it. I kept trying to picture who would play the characters in a movie and I honestly couldn't come up with a single one so that made it hard for me to picture the characters in the book (lame, I know, but it's how I roll). If you like the author, or scientific suspense novels, then I recommend it to you!

About Alice. Sometimes I'm at the library and I'm in a mood to just grab a random book off of a shelf and read it. And that's how I read this book (during one night of insomnia no less). The author is a writer from The New Yorker and wrote a few articles and books with his wife Alice as his muse. After her death he wrote this as as sort of love letter to her and I think it's pretty precious. I recommend it if you like short and sentimental books. I give it a 7.

What the Dog Saw. I thought I'd tackle another Malcolm Gladwell book so I got this one, which is just a compilation of his favorite articles he's written for The New Yorker. The ones I really enjoyed were about the invention of hair color and solving homelessness. The ones I could barely make it through were about Enron and options investing. (I'm not sure I understood any bit of those. Way to make me feel dumb, Malcolm.) I give it a 6 overall and recommend it if you like investigative journalism.

Our ladies' class on Wednesday night has been doing the Beth Moore study of James and I've really enjoyed it just like all her other studies. We drew this one out so we only did 3 or 4 lessons a week. It was already one of my fav books of the Bible and I've been reading so much of it lately that my Bible easily flips open to that book when I start thumbing for it! I recommend all of her studies to any woman interested in finding a good personal Bible study.

What are you reading? Any good recommendations? I need some good ones so I'll feel less motivated to watch TV and more motivated to read!! Rules of rating seen here.


Whitney said...

Have you read "The Shadow of the Wind" series?

Ryan and Katie said...

I have not. Is it good?

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