Thursday, November 08, 2012

Different Artistic Styles

When I make things with Olivia they look like this:
When Ryan has been playing with Olivia I find things like this:
His style is a little more sophisticated than mine, but I think she enjoys both styles equally.


ktsdad said...

If she gets all of her Mom's talents and all of her Dad's talents, she will truly be a gifted child!!!

Anonymous said...

My son passed me up artistically when he was about 4 . Love ya Mom aka GmaS

kmom said...

I like all of the art projects. They are all creative. I like the bones one the best.

kmom said...

The composition by Ryan and Olivia is an excellent portrayal of parent/child joint creative genius. It could be framed and sold as such at an exorbant price to stock a college fund for Olivia.

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