Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Football Field: The Other Best Babysitter

Liv and I went down to Seminole Sunday afternoon to help the Schatzels unpack, have a slumber party, and prepare for Ben's birthday party the next day. Liv had so much fun running around outside on all that land (BAREFOOT?!) with Ben and Des that she forgot to go to the bathroom and ran to me with sopping wet britches seemingly unaware. She literally seemed confused when I pointed out that she had peed herself. And that's how you know you're having a good time!

The next morning Ben knocked on our bedroom door before 7am, came in, announced he was 5 today and we needed to tell him Happy Birthday. Then he crawled in bed with us to watch cartoons with Liv on the ipad. I love that kid.
Then he donned an OSU outfit, Liv donned an OSU outfit, Des turned into spiderman and they played on the football field in their front yard for like 2 hours straight without a peep. Except for hearing Liv cry (USA! USA! or OUS! OUS!--she can never get the letters right)
Then the friends came and we partied and snacked and visited the farm animals and rode the gator and enjoyed the beautifully warm November weather.
The party was great and the house is beautiful but I'll let Lauren blog about that. It was a wonderful retreat before the epic tri-fecta holiday weekend! Check back soon!

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kmom said...

Looks like Ben and his birthday guests had a wonderful time.

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