Monday, November 05, 2012

Free Toupee'

 When you have to clean the appliance before you can clean the floors, it just seems like too much work. Thanks to Ryan's pocket knife though I think I can craft a pretty nice toupee'. 
You could style it in all sorts of ways as Charlie has modeled here: 
The side sweep
The bouffant 
The Granny
Oh that look of disgust! (But she eats feral cat poop in our yard so she really can't make that face) Don't worry she was rewarded with a nice treat for letting me humiliate her. 
Anyway, free toupee' to the first commenter. You have to pick it up in person though!


ktsdad said...

Free hair - that would be me!

kmom said...

Charlie was a great model and made me laugh.

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